Obd Remap And Engine Carbon Clean Only £250

*T and C apply

We have our own in house 

“V-tech Dynamometers”

Rolling Road (Dyno)


JFS Tuning is the UK’s premium provider of high quality Custom ECU Remap’s using the latest custom remap  technology available in UK Today. 

When it comes to your pride and joy, only the best is good enough.

Why remap?

All car engines are initially de-tuned by the car manufacturers by default. This is because the cars are sold all over the world, so the ECU software settings have to account for these many different factors. To modify this default software for improved performance, you need your car remapping to unleash its true potential.

Here at JFS Tuning, we custom remap every single vehicle that we work on. Most car remapping companies can only offer non-specific tuning files which were originally made for another vehicle and not tailored to your car. Our engine remap involves tailoring the entire process specifically your car.

Its – Safe. Quick. Economical.
Performance remapping is the secret to maximising your car’s potential and drive ability. Think of it as “tuning” the car’s engine. We don’t tamper with or replace any of your car parts to perform our remap. Due to this, the procedure is extremely straightforward, inexpensive and quick for us to perform.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of engine remapping:
* More power 
* Increased torque
* Improved throttle response
* Enhanced rev range
* Smoother power delivery, with most flat-spots removed
* Improved MPG during normal driving 
* Lower fuel bills
* You will leave a smaller carbon foot-print

We create custom software based on your engine’s specifications, so that your car can safely cope with it. We make sure that the new custom ECU settings remain well within the parameters of your car’s engine, transmission and exhaust system capabilities.

Also, rest assured that this is not a permanent process. We keep your original “factory” settings software archived in case you ever wish to restore your car to its default settings.

Remapping is the best thing that you can do for your pride and joy. All we do is bring out the very best in your car, and unleash the potential it already has hidden underneath its bonnet. We can guarantee the best possible service available anywhere in the country today, so you can trust your car with us here at JFS Tuning.

The only thing we will change is the coding on your car engine’s “computer” (ECU), yet when you start driving, you will feel the difference in your car’s speed and power immediately.


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10 months ago

Peugeot Dpf in today from a trade customer for refurbishing

10 months ago

Honda CR-V in for a stage 1 remap with FREE carbon clean ✅✅✅

Get on it while this offer lasts guys ?

10 months ago

2013 Audi A4 2.0 143

Stage 1 map taking this Audi to 188bhp and 413 nm of torque

This was a job for a previous customer who opted for
Stage 1 remap
Carbon clean ✅

10 months ago

Transit tipper with a DPF issue for the local landscape Gardeners.

A blocked vaporiser was the route cause of the issue .

A stage 1 remap with Dpf and egr solution meaning more power , no limp ... See more

10 months ago
Photos from JFS Tuning ltd DPF and engine carbon clean's post

Double booking today with a Porsche and Mercedes , both for carbon cleans and a nice 60bhp gain on a stage 1 map for the cayenne ✅
Very nice gains and a very nice customer (even bought us a chippy ... See more

10 months ago

Jaguar XF 3.0 tdi DPF

This was a job for Harrats Honda in pontefract , little bit of an arkward one due to the size but nothing our new Advanced DPF cleaning machine can’t handle ??
Collected - ... See more

10 months ago

2015 Volkswagen Golf R

Stage 1 Performance Remap
POWER - 300hp ➡️ 350hp ... See more

10 months ago
Photos from JFS Tuning ltd DPF and engine carbon clean's post

Audi TT 1.8t 225 in for a stage 1 remap with carbon clean (Free) from a returning customer ✅ while he was here he also booked in two more family members for the same deal ??

10 months ago

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2.2L 130BHP over in Bradford has been recently purchased and the customer decided to call us out for piece of mind!!
With no faults or issues showing on our diagnostics we ... See more

10 months ago

Over in Killamarsh Sheffield for a returning customer this time with his Audi A5!
Calling us out for a routine Engine Carbon Clean and a Diagnostic health check saving money with our current offers ... See more